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Jeanne Barnett
(me in 2002 - lol!)
Hello! and welcome to my personal website.  I originally started this site as a way to solicit other small potatoes, Internet Entrepreneurs who might need somebody like me, caught between knowing nothing about web design and e-commerce and hardly the expert, in other words, Amateur, yes, HTML for dummies, yeah I read that book, and even though my level of expertise pretty much stopped there BY CHOICE I might add, in response to a rather snarky review I happened upon, written by some obviously narcissistic, negative "Nosey Parker" -- Listen -- if I wanted to get better at web design, I would - I just have a lot of other things that I'd rather do so THERE!

So after 4 years or so of this really lame website, advertising my apparently lame design skills, I decided to convert the site into kind of a comprehensive portal for all the websites that I currently own, and run.  Feel free to browse the gallery below and to contact me with your comments - whether they be supplicative or snarky - don't worry I can take it! 

I am also venturing into the area of, at this point only a Wannabe, Blogger - or as one of my most admired writers chooses to call herself - 'Rouge Journalist'  You can get to all of my rantings and ravings via the 'Posts Directory Below.
In any case, I hope you enjoy your tour of Barnett-web.com !

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